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Smatlip media has been in business for quite some time now as we have been chewing out successful projects upon projects by the day. We are a cinematography team that has a primary focus on music video productions but we are also very much into...
Goal amount  ₦ 10,000,000.00
Amount received  ₦ 0.00
Remaining amount  ₦ 10,000,000.00
Days left 62
Total Investments
I hate licking roofs and the fact that I couldn't afford a better apartment in my twenties. I'm determined to minimize this effect on others by building standard homes that would be affordable to the common man.
Goal amount  ₦ 35,000,000.00
Amount received  ₦ 6,290,000.00
Remaining amount  ₦ 28,710,000.00
Days left 25
Total Investments
I have a quality farm of over 33 acres of land which is ripe and ready to grace the market with well-managed food (tomatoes, palm oil among others). Agriculture, as you know, is an inevitable means of our daily lives. People literally depend on...
Goal amount  ₦ 8,500,000.00
Amount received  ₦ 1,985,000.00
Remaining amount  ₦ 6,515,000.00
Days left 28
Total Investments
The Nigerian movie industry has been a full-blown mess for a long time and I'm here to change it for the better. Never again shall we, as a country be represented by such unprofessional amateur scripts and overall production.
Goal amount  ₦ 5,000,000.00
Amount received  ₦ 5,125,000.00
Remaining amount 0
Days left 0
Total Investments
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