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We are an social commerce company currently building an exceptional community-based platform to bridge the gap between having fun, learning, shopping, working etc.  Our goal is to completely establish our community to be the major platform where all Nigerians meet to work or hire, buy or sell, interact, share ideas and mingle with like-minds etc. At the end of the day, users will be able to do any of these on one platform.

We are indeed creating a solution for many by expanding and uniting everyone together. This does not only create a huge market but also makes it easier for the average man to carry out his daily activities while staying informed, having fun and staying in touch with loved ones. In summary, virtually everything you come to do online can be done through Veepher so, you may never have to log out or switch between browsers in search of things.

We hope you invest in our vision and join us in this exciting journey of officially launching this unmeasurable platform. Invest and we will keep you updated on our progress along the way until we make this the biggest (fast-growing) brand of time. Our early investors will have many benefits (in addition to getting a share in our revenue) including an opportunity to work directly with us.

I would love to look at my kid and say; 'Son, do you know that I am one of the founding fathers of your favourite portal - Veepher? I was among the first set of people who made it happen. I helped by investing and the money I spend on this family today is from my investment in Veepher.'

How about you? What cool things can you tell your kids about the decisions you are making now?



Created by Prince Barida
Chief Financial Officer
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Funded By Amount Date

Maria Fautina
 ₦ 15,000.00 2019-02-08

Benedict Miles
 ₦ 235,000.00 2019-01-11

 ₦ 50,000.00 2018-12-09

Tessy Dicta
 ₦ 65,000.00 2018-11-15

 ₦ 100,000.00 2018-10-19

Felicia Okoronkwo
 ₦ 1,700,000.00 2018-09-20
Investor Role Though optional, we will appreciate if you also offer your opinions during any of our numerous surveys being performed after each milestone.
Revenue Medium Veepher will make money through advert placement, commission of sales, VIP membership fees etc.
Two Year Revenue Projection N230,000,000
Five-year Financial Forecast

Our finances have been estimated to grow exponentially to over N10 billion in less than 5years in operation. In fact, our revenue will be doubled on a yearly basis.


Current Capital N1,4000,000
Monthly Operational Cost N1,000,000
Economic Importance Veepher being profitable is enough to be beneficial to the economy and the population at large. Veepher will liberate a lot of less enlightened people and provide means of livelihood for the common man. It will facilitate employment, educate members, improve people's businesses, improve people''s clustered activities, enrich people as well as unify differences.
Profitability Veepher solves a problem and solutions come with rewards. There are various internet communities making millions (and billions) of dollars today and Veepher is not going to be any different in this regard. Veepher is the kind of platform people wouldn't mind paying to be a part of.
Industry Internet
Target Market The billions of internet users who buy and sell, work and network or even those just interested in staying connected with friends or gaining information etc.
Strengths Veepher's uniquely packed features have proven to be a sight of attraction but the major strength is the ease and convenience it accords users. The fact that you can do most of the things you do online all on one platform is great enough. Users also earn points for performing certain actions and these points can be utilized directly on the platform to shop or pay for services.
Major Risk There are quite a good number of community-based platforms already available online today and the more Veepher''s launch gets delayed, the more competitive the industry will be. However, our concept is like no other, as it stands out and solves a lot of problems. Veepher''s unique features overshadow these risks.',
Startup Stage Prototype
Management Team 6
Vision We see Veepher growing into the major hub where many of the world''s population log into to achieve their various goals. We are building Veepher to be fully equipped to handle virtually half of the things people come to do online which will, in turn, give users zero reasons to switch platforms. We aim to make Veepher very flexible and able to accommodate any request within the online human need such as community, knowledge, dating, business, shopping etc.
Est. Break-even Duration 6 months
Share for Investors 30%
Est. Return on Investment Up to 240% in annual ROI


Campaign end date:

  • Launch date is closer

    Posted on 2019-01-15

    We are almost done with the development of our platform and it's practically ready for the official launch. This means we will be shifting our opening dates closer once our investment goal is met.

  • The future is clear

    Posted on 2018-12-07

    We have raised close to 50% of our planned development cost and it's clear that we've got something good going on here. We appreciate your support guys so, let's make this a reality. Invest!!

  • Another testing phase

    Posted on 2018-10-11

    A beta version of our prototype platform will be made available to select investors to test-drive and check for absolute functionality. This is just another survey for our known facilitators.

  • Additional reward

    Posted on 2018-09-29

    We are now giving out a reward in Veepher points of over N120k in addition to a share in our revenue to everyone investing up to N50k. This means, your investment will literally get credited in as points in your Veepher account.


Campaign created on:

₦ 2,165,000.
raised of ₦ 10,000,000.
Days left

An additional
₦ 920,000.00
was recently pledged to this business by 6 micro-investors.
End date: 2019-06-30

Invest ₦ 200,000. or more

You get over 100k worth of Veepher points to spend on anything (products, adverts etc.) on Veepher in addition to a share in our revenue.

Invest ₦ 100,000. or more

You get up to 50k worth of Veepher points to shop directly on your Veepher account in addition to a share in our revenue.

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