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De Donz is an entertainment group currently making waves in Port Harcourt. We are known for our out-of-the-box events and upcoming talented stars that are constantly brewing live to the music and party lovers in Rivers state but we seek to grow and we need your help to do so. In fact, we hope you join us on the journey as we walk together to greater heights. Our current goal is to get better equipment, strengthen our connections, workforce and expand our reach.

Investing in us will make it easier for us to set a stronghold in the industry, get the best Nigerian talents to limelight and create astonishing events that will not only improve the Nigerian hospitality sector and nightlife but will put a smile on a lot of faces.

Created by Louis Ikpor
Chief of operations
Port Harcourt
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Funded By Amount Date

 ₦ 30,000.00 2018-12-14

Tochukwu Nnamdi
 ₦ 120,000.00 2018-10-30

Nicki Denyz
 ₦ 32,500.00 2018-10-16

 ₦ 340,000.00 2018-10-11

Dilo Watasyde
 ₦ 32,000.00 2018-10-11

Cynthia Okoro
 ₦ 25,000.00 2018-10-06

Thelma West
 ₦ 30,000.00 2018-09-27
Management Team 5
Startup Stage Prototype
Industry Entertainment
Profitability There's a reason most Night clubs are filled and booming on a daily basis. Nigerians are always looking out for parties, latest hot spots and music!
Economic Importance Nigerians love entertainment. We all love having fun and it's evident in our daily life as we tend to make a joke out of everything and this is one of the things unifying us today. Our entertainment sector alone rakes in billions of Naira annually and this the key to building a greater economy.
Monthly Operational Cost N800,000
Investor Role Just stay tuned to our activities and offer suggestions where you can.
Revenue Medium We make money from ticket sales and will triple it through our music production and management revenue.
Founded 16-08-2017
Two Year Revenue Projection N47,000,000
Est. Break-even Duration 6 months
Share for Investors 30%
Est. Return on Investment 55% annually on initial investment
Vision We aim to the Nigerian entertainment group housing over 20 international award-winning stars and known for strengthening the industry by developing young talents and getting fans marveled while gazing at our astonishing events.
Major Risk Publicity! It's true that quality work and talent can draw in lots of attention and generate sales but we certainly need a lot more promotion to get the talents out there. We currently have a strong marketing strategy for this and we are building partnership and business strength among the top influencers in the industry capable of drowning us in limelight.
Target Market The event and music lovers in Nigeria especially the hundreds of thousands of those already attending several concerts around the country.


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Campaign created on:

₦ 609,500.
raised of ₦ 7,500,000.
Days left
End date: 2019-03-02

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