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In a bid to aid the Nigerian business sphere, we are ever ready to close as many deals as possible as long as they can get our vetted startups closer to their destination.

If you think you have a great service that fits our niche, please proceed to let us know.

See below for the kind of partnership we accept.


Lati and his team have agreed to share their depth of business and financial knowledge with our Startups as well as participate in the training aspects and as a token of our appreciation, we grant them a free advert slot and refer startups to them for strategic business plans.

Lati Codes

They handle the development and overall design of the websites (including other technical projects) of most startups on our platform in exchange of a touch of their cutting-edge technology on the Slourish platform which is expected to yield good results for our users.


Our forth-coming investors' summit and most of our future events are going to be organized and hosted by De Donz Entertainment Group in conjunction with Smatlip Media and in turn, we facilitate their growth exponentially through our priceless campaign and scaling jets.

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We are not a stock brokerage firm. We simply provide a secure platform to help highly-vetted Nigerian businesses, get crowdfunded and offer rewards, equity, interests and other incentives to their investors and venture capitalists.

However, we protect our investors and business owners' interests by handling the whole process. We rigorously verify and monitor all startups and investments on Slourish.


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