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I have a quality farm of over 33 acres of land which is ripe and ready to grace the market with well-managed food (tomatoes, palm oil among others). Agriculture, as you know, is an inevitable means of our daily lives. People literally depend on my kind of products to survive and this makes my business priceless.

The deal, however, is that I want to set up a fully mechanized farm and I'm also planning on processing and packaging the products to be exported while the rest are distributed to my wholesale buyers. It's important to note that this whole process is already in motion and I've acquired quite a number of distributors, equipment as well as contacts that are ready to export the products in split seconds.

The chain of command is prepared, most of the tools are available and the process is organized including the approach but the door is still quite open for a few investors to chip in more funds to kickstart the operations.

Created by Queen Sucro
Business Role Manager
Katsina Ala
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Funded By Amount Date

Janet Aika
 ₦ 285,000.00 2019-03-17

Joseph Gokana
 ₦ 300,000.00 2019-02-22

 ₦ 230,000.00 2018-11-16

 ₦ 1,170,000.00 2018-10-21
Startup Stage Pre-Seed
Management Team 10
Vision To be a major supplier of agricultural products nationwide and to African restaurants in diaspora by 2025.
Industry Agriculture
Target Market Everyone eats food but we want to focus on getting our products to restaurants, hotels, wholesalers etc.
Profitability Our products are in high demand everyday. An average of 35% ROI is generated from Tomato alone.
Economic Importance Nigeria need to quit importing food and start producing enough products to feed the nation. While we can't exactly fee the whole country, we will at least reduce the import rate which will in turn grow the economy.
Revenue Medium Sales of agricultural products.
Two Year Revenue Projection N43,000,000
Est. Break-even Duration 10 months
Share for Investors 47%
Est. Return on Investment 30%
Strengths I was practically born into farming and I have ever since dedicated my whole life to study, observe and get equipped for this. I have what it takes to get this business to great heights!
Founded 20-02-2018


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₦ 1,985,000.

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₦ 2,300,000.00
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