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What is the Slourish platform all about?

Slourish is primarily a business micro-investing platform that bridges the gap between business fundraising and micro investments for users. However, Slourish takes things a little bit further by making the platform community-based for both entrepreneurs and their investors to collaborate, share ideas and stay updated on the progress of the businesses/investments and it doesn't end here. Slourish has also created a few more investment and savings options making the platform the most equipped financial service for the African people.

Who is eligible to be a member?

Anyone who is above the age of 18 and able to carry out financial transactions with no legal implication and without a need for a guardian or third-party supervisor.

What are the requirements of being a user?

There's really no special requirement other than your ability to read and write, able to make decisions. However, all users are expected to read, understandd and agree to our Terms of service and Investment Disclaimer.

I'm new here. How do I get started?

It's very easy and straightforward. Just ensure you have activated your account to remove all limitations on your account. Then, you can easily locate any of our available programs, investment packages or vetted businesses to participate in.

What happends to unactivated accounts?

We certainly want to maintain an undiluted community comprising of only relavant data hence, verified as well as unactivated accounts only have a few days lifespan before they are auto marked for removal and everything on it will be lost forever. This means it is required for new signups to verify and activate their accounts if they intend to use it.

What is the best account security measure?

We understand how confusing it may be to maintain different login details for numerous platforms. However, keeping track of your Slourish Login should be taken seriously. The major safety measure is to ensure you choose a strong AlphaNumeric password combination that is at least 8 characters and contains upper and lower cases, however, you should only use a password that you can easily remember.

Are my personal information safe on

Sure. Your details are fully encrypted and kept far away from prying eyes. Your financial details are only visible to you. We do not store any debit card information. The rest of your information (especially profile and things you post) can also be controlled by you. Simply change the privacy to private and it will be completely hidden. Please see our privacy policy for details.

Earners | Micro-Investors
Users simply create a free account and instantly join the community of business moguls and investment seekers where they can easily invest in businesses, get loans, save, earn and grow their money. With an arsenal of features, they are equipped to also connect and interact unlimitedly. Sharing ideas, giving suggestions, monitoring investments and staying updated with the progress of the businesses can be done in few clicks.

Is Slourish the same with the stock market?

Big no! The stock market is designed to get money from you but is built to reduce the risks on your part.
You get to support an exciting brand and you are in complete control of the business you invest in. You don't need brokers, you do it yourself.
You will likely hold your investment for some time - Over 10 months (some businesses may take longer) before getting a return.
You get to actively take part in the process and monitor the progress of the business and your ideas and suggestions could be implemented.
You are in a community of several other micro-investors who are working together to help the business succeed.
The money you invest goes directly to the business which is actually used for the right purpose.
Most businesses come with additional perks and incentives that ensures the investors are appreciated. E.g access to VIP products, discounts etc.

Is investing on even legal?

Yes. It's as legal as it can get because we basically just keep records of your pledge, store your money for you and distribute them to the businesses in tranches and everything is done in full transparency. We are not stock brokers neither are we a financial institution but using your money to grow a business and secure you a return/interest is not a crime in the Nigerian constitution and you are not breaking the law by investing in businesses online.

Why should I invest in a business?

While we have outlined a few reasons most members have for investing in our vetted businesses, investing to make lots of money is certainly not one of them. As a matter of fact, do not invest in a bid to grow rich. The act of Investing is always risky no matter where you invest. If anything, you should invest because you genuinely want to support the business and at the end of the day, if the business generates revenue, gets acquired or raises a round of funding, you earn a return.

Can I invest in multiple businesses?

Sure. Investing in three or more businesses is safer and increases the odds of profitability. You should also consider investing in any of other other packages (such as our Aecodri Fund) in addition the businesses.

How much risk is involved?

We have taken it upon ourselves to mitigate the risks on your part but still, there is a chance that you could lose all your money. Here's how we handle this - Our strict team is always analyzing the businesses and their plans to ensure they are worth funding before adding them to We don't give the businesses your money until it's absolutely necessary and this accords us some opportunity to be able to issue you a refund. We are able to determine this because we monitor the operations of the businesses. Also, we distribute the funds to the businesses in tranches which makes it difficult to lose everything.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

No! You are probably not going to get any return on your investment within your first 6 - 12 months of investing in a business here. Investments are long-term-based. Slourish won't make you rich overnight. You will have to invest in multiple businesses, stay connected and wait for the businesses to generate a return.

Must I invest? Can't I donate or loan the amount?

Staying as an investor is not compulsory. Once you find a business you love, you can support them however you want. You could just share your ideas with them or completely donate your investments to them. We recently added a donation feature that allows a business (especially a non-profit organization) to create a donation campaign. Some businesses may also request for a loan instead while others may prefer to pass out an offer (e.g prelaunch discount sales) to raise the funds they need in getting their products to the market.

If I don't like the businesses here, what do I do?

Stay active in the community to get updated on when new businesses get added. We are always on the lookout for promising Nigerian businesses that need your funding and once a new one is approved, you will gain another opportunity to invest.

How do I invest in the businesses?

Easy! Just locate the business page and click on the 'invest' button to fill in your details. Once you are done, click 'next' and pay with your debit card, credit card, Paypal or your bank and boom! You are now an investor!

Must I carry out the transactions online?

No. You could also do a transfer or bank deposit if you don't want to pay with your internet banking portal, using your debit card/credit card or Paypal.

How much should I invest?

Only what you can afford to lose. Yes, there is a possibility that the business may not turn out as successful as you imagined or that it may take a lot longer before you can see any tangible return on your investment so, please invest only what you can afford to live without. There's really no limit. You can invest as little as N20,000 or invest as much as N10,000,000 as long as you can afford it.

Where does my money go after I invest?

Your money practically remains in your account until the end of the business investment period after which your money moves to an escrow service that protects both you and the business. Note that if the business didn't gain a reasonable investment sum, your money will be refunded but if it does, then, the money gets distributed to the business in tranches per milestone.

Can I cancel my investments?

Yes, as long as the money is yet to be transferred to the business. If the business has begun operations with the money, then your investment will have to stay valid. You are not under any contract but it's best to only invest when you are 100% sure of your decision to minimize issues of refunds.

What if I want to invest in the businesses outside Slourish?

It's against our policy to contact the businesses outside the Slourish platform. Your interactions with the businesses on Slourish should be limited to questions, answers and suggestions regarding the development of the business. While we can't stop you from contacting the businesses directly, we can only protect your interest when you are a Slourish investor so, we recommend you carry out all your transactions on here.

Can I invest anonymously or keep my profile private?

Yes. Just tick the anonymous investment checkbox on the transaction page after filling in your amount. You could also privatize your overall activities on your account including your profile. This is useful if you want to stay hidden/behind the scenes.

How often should I expect updates after investing?

There's no particular time-frame for updates but all businesses on Slourish are required to keep you updated on all important steps they take. This is usually done at least once a week but the community is always booming and businesses could post updates every hour (if they like).

How do I get my incentive from the business I invested in?

Incentives vary and as such it's quite difficult to mention an absolute medium or time. However, physical givebacks get shipped to the investor's address and digital givebacks get issued on the business's website or through us. Though the startups are required to hand over the giveback to you once you have invested, it may not happen very quickly as some givebacks are likely going to be allocated together with your investment returns. Nevertheless, we have a record of all transactions and we ensure everyone gets their givebacks when due.

Must I be active in the community to get rewarded?

No. You could actually invest and check back in every week but we recommend you say active to stay active to remain updated on the business progress as well as new opportunities.

What does return on investment (ROI) mean?

ROI is simply talking about money you could make once a business you invested in becomes profitable and begins paying dividends. Once you invest some money, the amount you get back is the ROI.

Is there an agreement that protects my investments?

Sure. Once you invest, we quickly take into account your details and issue a record of the investment containing details of your estimated return.

Does my investment come with a voting right?

Unless you have some chunk of Naira to invest, you should probably don't expect a voting right by investing N100,000. This is to say, voting and decision-making are limited to the top management/board of directors of the businesses and the chances of them consulting you before making a decision is almost non-existent but then again, businesses on Slourish are expected to keep you in the loop of all major decisions and they may very well ask of your opinion/suggestions or even request for your active participation.

How do I benefit from my investments?

Your investment could generate over 300% returns if the business is acquired by a bigger company.
The worth of your investment will skyrocket if the business goes IPO.
Once the company begin paying dividends, you start getting paid.
You can sell your investment to other micro-investors for a profit.

How long until I see a return on my investment?

It actually depends on how fast the business is able to generate some tangible revenue. Loans are repaid quicker since they are usually requested by already thriving businesses who just want to expand. Also, some fast-growing businesses do turn out to be stable in less than a year. This means they could start paying you dividends in 6 months.
Enterpreneurs | Businesses
As you know Slourish is the one platform where startups flourish. We help entrepreneurs in many areas aside fundraising and the first step is for you to create a profile for your business. This profile puts your business right in front of your potential customers on the platform while also giving you free visibility on the internet. With the profile, you can proceed to manage customer reviews, raise funds or even process orders of your services.

What if I only want a business profile without fundraising?

No restrictions. Busnesses on Slourish are not required to raise funds. In fact, we recommend that businesses create a profile regardless of their fundraising goal as a profile gives them visibility and access to our other business resources.

What else do entrepreneurs gain on Slourish?

Via our partnership with Quilege, pShoutor and a host of other companies, entrepreneurs gain access to finding quality talents, amazing marketing packages as well as their ability to sell & process orders of their services.

As an entrepreneur, can I also invest?

There are no such limitations. Once you own an activated account, entrepreneur or not, you can participate in any of our programs, invest in anything or even gain access to loans.

I dont't care about business funds, can I get validation?

Of course one of the importance of crowd-investing is the business validation it accords to entrepreneurs as it lets them test their concepts in the open market to see how their target customers will react to it. Your business profile already makes you visible on the platform and will start getting real reviews from users but seeking validation via fundraising is a topic you will have to discuss with us.

How do I fund my startup through Slourish?

Oganizations who are in need of raising funds to facilitate their operations and would like to do that here are invited to tell us a bit about them. Adding a business plan/pitch deck as well as your CAC registration number can really improve your approval rate. Also please crosscheck and make sure the details you fill in are accurate and verifiable.

What kind of businesses are on

Various kind across several sectors. Virtually any business can be given a shot to succeed on Slourish no matter the industry including non-profit organizations. There are companies in the tech, real estate, retail, entertainment, agriculture sector etc.

What if I run just a small business?

As long as it's a business with a reliable cashflow/revenue medium, there are always people ready to support you. In fact, if your potential micro-investors are sure of getting back their money with some returns, why wouldn't they invest?

How long does it take to vet a business?

Not long enough. It actually depends on the business as some businesses require a little more digging and analysis but the process is usually completed in about a week.

Can I fundraise without revealing too much info?

Its possible but what is too much info? Trade secrets? Well, hide those! But your business concept, revenue & marketing model, team? These are quite necessary for micro-investors to know what they are investing in. Besides the information may help enlighten them on why you are worth investing it.

Can I raise an equity-based round here?

It depends. We are yet to officially accomodate such investment rounds as we are currently focused on Investment for timely cash returns and since equity rounds means our micro-investors won't be expecting any actual ROI for over 2years, and must importantly, since the rounds demand more investment sums from fewer investors, such rounds will have to be handled by the Slourish Team for now if need arises.

What type of investment campaigns can I create?

Let's say you run a media company that is already generating some revenue or at least have some good-paying customers but you operate in a small scale and you don't have that much money to grow fast enough. Well, you would agree that getting a professional investor or bank loan is not a walk in the park, hence, Slourish is your best bet.
That is the type of campaign that runs best on Slourish. However you could also fundraise here even if you are pre-revenue or post-profit. All you have to do is to offer something back to your micro-investors for supporting your bsuiness.

Must I provide a return for investors?

Yes of course! This is why we recommend that you should already be making some money in the business. These are micro-investors looking to earn and soon! Take all your investments like a loan with interest. The beauty of it is that you set your own terms. if you don't wish to send back some ROI, you should indicate it and offer a reward instead. This way, investors will be handing you cash for that reward.

How much ROI must I provide for investors?

You will determine your return on investment for your micro-investors based on the revenue of your business. You decide the percentage of their investment they will get back.

Who is eligible to fundraise on Slourish?

For now, we are accepting only African entrepreneurs with their startups presently situated in Nigeria. In the next few months, this will be available acrosss the continent.

Can I get my investment from a single investor?

Sure! If any single investor decides to invest the extire sum you need, your campaign closes! Sometimes, the Slourish brand may decide to invest certain startups and we will likely invest the full sum.

Can I determine the number of investors I want?

Yes! You can set your investor limit so that once this number of micro-investors have funded your business, your investment campaign closes.

How will I manage that many investors?

You won't. We do all the managing and handle all the finances too. This means you get to focus on growing your business and providing a return. While you can see all those who invested in your business, the investment comes like a single fund andso does your return. Once it's time to pay dividends, you simply fund your Slourish wallet with it, navigate to the fundraising section and send it to all your micro-investors according to their percentage in one click.

Who sets the investment period?

You will determine your period and ROI duration. This means you can decide to run your fundraiser within 3 months and make investors wait 12 months before getting their ROI.

What if I don't raise the complete funds I need?

Sad but it's not the end of the world. You could always extend your investment period and double your fundraising efforts but if after everything you still run short and unable to grow your business with hthe available funds, then we will refund it all back to the micro-investors. Please see our funding policy for details

Is there any fee attached to fundraising here?

Of course. However, the fee won't be take from you until we pay out your raised funds and then, the fee will be deducted from there.

Will investors own a piece of my business?

No. Not unless the investment is equity-based which we don't conduct on the platform anyway. You actually won't be dealing directly with your micro-investors but us.

What if I default in paying back ROI?

We know its risky running a business and investors also know its risky making investments, however, we cannot afford to let you owe our micro-investors. Hence, we recommend you have your business insured or have some backup plans. Infact, when vetting, we will most likely look out for businesses that have a steady cashflow as opposed to a complete non-revenue generating business. Not paying also ruins your business reputation and damages your sales in the process. It should be your goal to be accountable and ensure you only promise what you can deliver. If you don't intend to pay ROI, indicate it on your fundraising campaign otherwise, we will certainly have to protect our micro-investor's interests.

How do I receive my invested sum?

Once your investment goal has been reached, you can send in a withdrawal request via your wallet and have the funds sent to your local bank account or PayPal.

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