Our Business Pack.


We don't just raise funds for businesses, we help them setup the business, scale, grow it and guide them along the way.

When entrepreneurs lack the necessary tools to effectively carry out their business development, it becomes a problem that is capable of rendering the business handicapped and may completely prevent a great product from getting to the consumers.

Since we are determined to help quality businesses hit the market, we have assembled a great team of professionals who are ready to give your concept a finishing touch, help you secure your spot in your industry and give you an edge over your competitors.


All you have to do as an entrepreneur is contact us and we will work together to get you the best possible solution you need to successfully execute your goals.

Remember: Your business stage doesn't matter because we have packages suitable for virtually all stages (planning stage, seed stage, maturity stage, scaling stage etc.). Also, you may need us to deliver any one of our services below for your business or handle everything for you from ground zero - idea stage.


  • Legal Matters

    We help entrepreneurs incorporate their company and register their businesses with other legal bodies. We are also available to draft, prepare or file any legal documents/contracts as well as represent startups within the corporate law.

  • Branding

    Brushing up your business is one of our favourite tasks. Starting from logo design, business cards, professional identities including corporate emails, down to building you a great website, we can turn your idea to a trusted brand.

  • Incubation

    Startups without the necessary resources such as work stations, equipment or workforce are fully supported by us. We provide the tools and location you need to help you develop your prototypes and operate until you officially launch.

  • Fundraising

    As you know, we help businesses raise their desired capital or get financed by venture capitalists easily on our platform. You only have to submit your business for us to verify and in no time, you could be raising the funds you need.

  • Marketing

    Getting your business to your target audience has never been easier. Let our conversion-driven team handle everything for you. Whether you want an online promotion or offline publicity, our strategy will yield good results.

  • Mentorship

    How best can you prevent mistakes and scale higher more quickly than to learn from others who have done it before? Our experienced team/group of mentors can guide you through to success. We also offer business consultations!

Whether you only have a viable idea or you already run a huge business,

we can help you claim your spot in the industry.

Let us build your brand today.

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