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How to get more clients for your business.

We all know setting up a business is hardly where the difficulty lies. Winning in high-quality clients, however, is the real challenge and it becomes a torture if you are unable to generate any revenue.

No client equals no profit. Do you know that feeling you get after fighting against all odds to come up with an exceptional business idea.. Continue reading

Generate more sales for your business.

Whether you own an online store or you are running a local business offline, the process of gaining more sales isn't far-fetched. In fact, it's based on the same principles. To generate more sales, one may need more customers but that isn't always the case as a few loyal customers could literally pl... Continue Reading

How to raise funds for your startup.

Well as you know, starting a quality business isn't cheap. As a matter of fact, the startup capital is one major discouragement faced by most intending entrepreneurs. Most times, you brew an exceptional business idea, do a product research and market analysis, write a business plan, lay the foundat... Continue Reading

How to grow an effective business.

Apart from those running kiosk kind of businesses, it's the dream of most entrepreneurs to develop their businesses into larger companies, but doing so can be a challenge without the proper knowledge and strategic steps. Though the thought of running a big corporation can be really enticing, entrepr... Continue Reading

How to build a successful business.

Most times, starting a business is the easy part. To succeed in making it run smoothly without collapsing, however, is the where the work is. And the success of a business usually depends on who is running it- the entrepreneur! Some might call it a mystery but when you observe closely, most business... Continue Reading

Tips: How to start a small business.

Going into business is not always about having an exceptional business idea. You must not create a product that will revolutionize life on earth. In fact, to build a successful business, one only need to be able to modify or improve well-established products or services into something better ... Continue Reading

18 reasons for a business website.

Every establishment, product and individual needs a website these days and I will tell you why. This is the information era and everyone literally gets their information from the internet as well as every group, business and person has an online presence for staying connected. Whether it's... Continue Reading

How to write a great business plan.

The importance of putting down a plan for your business can never be overstated. It's not only useful when trying to raise funds from banks, investors or when participating in the several business grant opportunities across the world but it also serves as the guideline that reminds you of your... Continue Reading

Real estate business? Get started.

Whether you like it or not, real estate has been and will remain a big player in the investment market owing to the fact that we all need where to rest our heads at night - houses. For the sake of clarity, real estate has to do with landed properties - Homes, Schools, Hotels, Warehouses etc. a... Continue Reading

Financial Education 101: "Money".

We see a lot of people struggling financially these days even when they are being paid $5,000 monthly and you wonder why. And in some cases, you actually know where the money goes – Taxes, Mortgage, Bills, Food, etc. While some of these are very necessary, when you look closely you would observe... Continue Reading

Guide to a Dropshipping business.

Each time we mention eCommerce, buying and selling goods online comes to mind but that is not always the case. Remember a few days ago when I wrote about how to setup your own e-commerce business? I simplified the process of creating an online store and gaining customers but that was for those who ... Continue Reading

Smart work vs. hard work. Here’s the real difference.

Every day while minding our businesses, we always come across some self-claimed motivational speakers screaming: "Work hard! Work harder! And never stop working for your dreams! Well, I won't exactly debate why it's a double-time misplaced statement since it has some elements of truth in it... Continue Reading

Success starts with your mindset, here's why.

How to be successful? You need the right mindset. The question; "How do I get successful?" is perhaps the most asked question when it comes to building a career. In fact, I've been asked this very question countless times by several success-seeking individuals and entities. I have also observed how... Continue Reading

Latest Funding and Networking opportunities.

As a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, at a point, you need some form of funding and networking as well as mentorship to help build or grow your business, and just as expected, I've compiled some great business networking, mentorship and funding opportunities for you to help you get... Continue Reading