The Slourish brand.


We like to see ourselves as the solution when it comes to reducing the hardship and building a better future for the Nigerian people.

Most African businesses are struggling due to the limited funding options available  and as a result, we saw the need to eliminate the fundraising challenge among all African promising entrepreneurs and business owners looking to grow but then again, we can't do it alone.

Hence, we have made it possible for anyone to join the exciting journey of launching and growing quality corporations built for the aid of the African people and the global economy at large.

Though not exclusively, the Slourish platform was developed to extinguish the monetary barriers of running a profitable business in the country.

Slourish.com is a platform owned and managed by Slourish LTD,  a private company which was founded in September 2018 by Latii Brayllot and duly incorporated in Nigeria. Our top executives below are fully committed to maintaining a solid operation and satisfaction of all members.

Latii Brayllot - Founder & CEO of Slourish LTD
Chairman and CEO

Timi Clement
Operations Manager
Timm Whealthin

Director of Finance
Kuro Clement

Franklin Allagoa
Chief Technical Officer
Franklin Allagoa

 We know entrepreneurship breeds developments, jobs and a stronger economy at large and that's while we are tackling the problem from the root - businesses.

It's no news that there are countless opportunities and quality business-driven men in the country but, was there a way to let the people actively get involved in the setup of these next generation brands?

The problem: Most Nigerian entrepreneurs lack the capital and the resources to get their products to the market.

The solution: We created a platform that will showcase the promising Nigerian concepts to micro-investors or get funded by the general public.

It all started as an idea before graduating into a topic we discussed during our meetings and today, we are already helping a good number of businesses raise funds through crowd-investing.

Our simple but unique platform is home to many Nigerian investment seekers as well as those just interested in participating in the development stages of their favourite startups.

Our team which was initially made up of three humble visionaries, has over time, grown into several components of exceptional professionals who are dedicated to combating the numerous challenges faced by our carefully-vetted businesses.

Yes, we want to fund businesses in Nigeria or link them to venture capitalists but because we value our members, we cannot accept all startups. We will always do our best to protect all funders on Slourish.

About us - Slourish

We hope to reduce the suffering of the African people by helping more businesses thrive. This is done through our great medium that provides the necessary resources.


Join us in building a better world, one business at a time.


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